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Free Medical Camp and Covid-19 Awareness Program

Our program aimed to provide free medical care and covid 19 awareness to the people of Mohammadpur Geneva camp and Mirpur-1, who were affected by the pandemic. We organized free medical camps, where we offered free medical treatment and medicine distribution to the patients. We also had a team of young doctors, who helped the patients and educated them about covid19. They explained how the virus spreads, how it harms the body, and how to prevent it. Also, we have continued the free medical camp and free medicine distribution program at Rohingya Refugee Camp and Sursurichar Tangail, and in this continuation in 2020, we have treatments about 750 patients under the free medical camp in these two places and ensured their health care. Our program was one of the major initiatives of the HMBD Foundation, which has done a lot of work for the people during covid 19. This project is a collaboration with ISDCM and OBAT HELPERS USA. We hope that our program improved the health and knowledge of the people, and helped them cope with the crisis.

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