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Emergency Response

Emergency Response: Rohingya Crisis

HMBD Foundation immediately mobilized its team to support the Rohingya refugees to care the food crisis. It distributed 8,300 dry food packs to the Rohingya people. We are distributing generic relief goods and essentials since the influx and continuing till now. Among them, new clothes, seasonal fruits, blankets and warm winter clothes, snacks, sandals, fresh drinking water, mid-day meal for children and other

We distributed around 15,000 blankets to the Rohingya refugees during three winter seasons.

We distributed total around 2,800 new dresses to the Rohingya refugee children at our premises.

We distributed total around 1,200 jaynamaz (prayer mats) to the Rohingya men and women and distributed total 200 copies of The Holy Quran to different mosques at Camp-13, Thainkhali.

Emergency Response: Corona Crisis

HMBD Foundation had been on the streets for 70 days and nights straight, reaching out to slums and highly vulnerable populace, affected by the severe lockdowns. Our activities extended from Dhaka, its surrounding areas as well as remote villages throughout Bangladesh.

Reach of HMBD Foundation with Emergency food rations during Corona Crisis

Emergency Response: Flood Crisis

Health Management BD Foundation has distributed relief goods to 850 flood affected families in Balashi Ghat, Gaibandha.

It’s our privilege that we could extend our hand to the flood affected people of Gaibandha to reduce their sufferings.

Emergency Response: Amphan Cyclone

Immediately after the cyclone the organization had taken the initiatives to assess   the incurred damages and core team member went on sport at the disaster area to measure who were the most affected. Based on the assessment HMBD has already prepared a list of most affected AMPHAN victim.

Immediately after the disaster our team arranged cooked food for 1000 people per day for 10 days in different cyclone affected area and reached to the doorsteps of families who didn’t have facilities to cook in the immediate aftermath of the cyclone and the resulting deluge of salt water. We also distributed cooked foods to families who took shelter in cyclone-shelters, and albeit had limited facilities to cook food, but couldn’t get required amount of foods cooked daily.

Right after the disaster stroke, we distributed groceries (essential food packs) for the affected people. Immediate supplies were provided right in the aftermath of the cyclone, which included dry food packs with ready consumption option (biscuits, flattened rice, sweets, chips etc).

Repair of homes and shelters that were destroyed

We reached out to individual homes and shelters (such as masjids, schools) that were destroyed by the cyclone, and provided them with immediate assistance of materials (tins, accessories) and cash to repair their homes. In total, 15 establishments were repaired or facilitated to be repaired

Our Emergency Response

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  • Emergency Health Response
  • Natural Disaster Emergency Response
  • First responders on cyclones and typhoons.