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Orphan Friendly Space

A friendly area for all orphan children to come play, eat and exercise anti traumatizing activities
Back in November 2017, when HMBD foundation first went to Ukhiya  with a small team to do delivery of pregnant women, their eyes caught the thousands of other Orphan kids – all traumatized  & scared- moving all over the area.

These kids avoided eye contact, ran away frantically when they saw volunteers . They refused to take food even from any stranger . The sole source of safety , they felt, was under their  mothers’ scarves. the brutality of of the mass killing ruined these kids mental health. Now imagine those kids who lost both their parents in front of their eyes.Unfathomable!

Their scared eyes screamed for help, which their lips refused to admit. Their body needed care but their traumatized brain refused to believe anyone.That is when HMBD foundation came to their rescue.

With a team full of experts who knew the  mental condition and the remedy for these orphan kids,HMBD foundation built an Orphan Friendly Space . Here these kids were provided food,toys, dolls, colors, papers – anything and everything that was needed to bring back the innocence of these kids and help them  come off the disturbing experience .





Slowly they started trusting the volunteers, they realized that these people came to help them. they no longer ran away with fear.Rather they found a place to breath freely, to laugh, to jump, to live again!

Later in October 2018, the Learning center (Project 4) was established for these kids to start getting educated.