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Relief Distribution is one of the regular campaigns of HMBDF on different crisis and calamities in Bangladesh.
Relief For Rohingya
“Health Management BD Foundation” moved to aid Rohingya Refugees at the end of the September’2017. Our concentration was on basic health& hygiene of the refugees which are very essential in terms of the situation; because some communicable diseases, like measles, diarrhoea, dysentery, enteric fever, pneumonia, hepatitis (different variants), different air & water borne diseases etc. are spreading rapidly. We are highly concerned about the outburst of these diseases, and we don’t want any outbreak.
Our three days Relief Distribution program comprised of-
•Medical camp with free medicine distribution (Paracetamol, ORS, antihistamines, antiulcerants, antibiotics, antiemetic, folic acid etc). Health of children and women were our main focus.
•Health and Hygiene Kits distribution to 1000 families. Here, we provided a plastic covered jar containing soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, small shampoo packs, mosquito net, sandals, candles, matches, comb, paracetamol, ORS, antihistamines, antiulcerants, small bundle of ropes, plastic sheets for shelter, savlon cream, povisep cream, band aid, cotton roll, mustard oil etc.
•Installation of 50 Tube wells and 30 sanitary toilets.
•500 sanitary pads for female.
•Solar lamps for 500 families.
•5000 bottles of pure drinking water.
HMBDF believes “Healthy Children Learn Better.” To ensure good health among the underprivileged children, our program includes-:
• Routine checkup of the school students at the beginning and in the middle of a year.
• Find out congenital anomalies/defects (if any) of the children. Besides, we also examine Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Dental checkup is also provided under the program.
• Conducting Awareness Creation program among the school children and their guardians.