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Water, Sanitization and Hygiene (WASH) Activities by HMBD Foundation

Access to water, sanitation and hygiene – known collectively as WASH – includes the provision of safe water for drinking, washing and domestic activities; the safe removal of waste (toilets and waste disposal) and the promotion of healthy behavioral practices. We continued our activities by installing tube wells and sanitary latrines at the Rohingya camp. We distributed total 1570 health and hygiene kits to the Rohingya families. Items included a plastic covered jar containing soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, small shampoo packs, mosquito net, sandals, candles, matches, combs, paracetamols, ORS, antihistamines, antiulcerants, small bundle of ropes, plastic sheets for shelter, savlon creams, povisep creams, band aids, cotton rolls, mustard oils etc. HMBD Foundation distributed sanitary napkins to the Rohingya women as a part of health and hygiene kits distribution. We distributed about 2500 sanitary napkin packets to the Rohingya women


Our WASH Projects include

  • Deep Tubewells in areas with no or low access to drinkable water
  • Water de-salination and filtration systems
  • Sanitation units
  • Distribution channels of clean drinkable water