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  • info@hmbdfoundation.org

Learning Centers – Schools for Refugees

This center provides the rohingya orphan children a means to learn and get educated with curriculum provided by UNICEF and Save the Children organisation.


Children who saw their own parents getting slaughtered in front of them forgot to smile, let alone have the dream to read ,earn and be someone  one day. HMBD foundation provided these kids an opportunity to get not only formal education but also assurance of proper healthcare , shelter & clothes once again.




A total of 310 orphan kids are currently under the facility of learning center by HMBD Foundation .Of these 75 children has lost both their parents and  the rest 235 has lost either one.Four teachers , who are well trained to teach , are assigned to teach these children English , General Knowledge , Mathematics and Myanmar language .The curriculum followed is strictly provided by UNICEF and Save the Children Organisation.




It is an immense pleasure for any visitor to see these children  laugh, learn  & play in the playground – a truly heartwarming experience!