Help terminally ill patients with medicines

06 April, 2015 Dhaka, Healthcare
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HMBD Foundation has established a medical support center right at the middle of a slum in Dhaka city, providing much needed palliative care to critically ill patients.

At HMBD, we provide this support to people who cannot afford treatment for diseases such as: Cancer, Stroke, COPD, road traffic accidents etc. Presently, we are providing this care to a total of 220 patients. We have two doctor who are performing checkups of these patients twice a week in the center located at Abdullahpur, Dhaka along with providing free medication.

Doctors also pay weekly visits to patients houses – so that they do not have to take the trouble of coming to the treatment center.  For patients who require specialists’ advice: HMBD Foundation with their counselling bears all the patient related costs – starting from transportation to medical expenses.

With HMBD by their side, many underprivileged people like beggars, garbage collectors have found a new hope of being able to lead a life even after being affected by very difficult diseases.


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Healthcare is one of the basic necessities of mankind and to these distressed population, provision of good treatment is even more urgent.

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HMBD is the only national NGO working in the Tumbru region of Nakhainchari of Bandarban district: providing primary healthcare to those in need.


The second camp at Thaingkhali consists of primary healthcare, emergency services and an Age-friendly zone for older people providing them with regular healthcare and adult education.