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06 April, 2015 Cox's Bazar / Ukhia, Healthcare, Refugees
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Healthcare is one of the basic necessities of mankind and to these distressed population, provision of good treatment is even more urgent.

Our first project for the refugees consists of primary healthcare, neonatal, pre and post natal services, medical imaging facilities, orphan friendly zone and a learning center.

We started our MCHC on 1st November, 2017. Till the month of October 2018, we had served a total of 43,243 Rohingya patients. Below is a summary of the statistics of the medication provided:

  • NVD – 236
  • ANC – 3774
  • PNC – 380
  • USG – 375
  • ECG – 120
  • Photo-therapy – 90

We have successfully treated forty three thousand four hundred and twenty three (43,423) patients till October 2018 in our Primary Healthcare Center at Thainkhali, Camp 13. We had a wide spectrum of patients; ranging from infants to elderly individuals along with children under five years of age, adults (male and female), pregnant women etc.

HMBD Foundation is successfully operating an orphan friendly space since November 2017 in Thainkhali, Burmapara, Camp 13. Here, we are providing not only healthcare support but also snacks, fruits, eggs, clothing and sandals. Also in our list are recreational items like toys, footballs, handballs, skipping ropes and dolls etc. We have so far registered 500 children in our orphan friendly space. Over the span of this year, we not only catered to their health and education but also helped them enjoy religious festivities in the form of provision of Iftaar items, meat distribution and gifting them Eid clothes. Besides providing mid day meals, bags, water bottles; we are also ensuring good hand-wash practices. In order to enable them access to safe drinking water, we have provided them fresh water bottles. On a social scale, we have installed water filters and are setting up tube-wells. We have also initiated various cultural activities to ensure that these children grow up in a sound and friendly environment.



  • Medicine for free distribution of prescribed medicines
  • Maintenance of equipment and clinic shade
  • Salary – Doctors, nurses, medical assistants

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Donation : $1,800.00/ $2,000.00

HMBD is the only national NGO working in the Tumbru region of Nakhainchari of Bandarban district: providing primary healthcare to those in need.


The second camp at Thaingkhali consists of primary healthcare, emergency services and an Age-friendly zone for older people providing them with regular healthcare and adult education.

Donation : $500.00/ $800.00

HMBD Foundation has established a medical support center right at the middle of a slum in Dhaka city, providing much needed palliative care to critically ill patients.