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Give the gift of sight to old age refugees

The second camp at Thaingkhali consists of primary healthcare, emergency services and an Age-friendly zone for older people providing them with regular healthcare and adult education.

Our second camp in Thaingkhali provides regular outdoor and emergency medical services. Being beside the Age-Friendly zone, the center puts emphasis on old age related treatments.

We have been operating our Age-Friendly Space since February 18. The senior Rohingya citizens spend their time here to learn Quran, Hadith, Masala, health and hygiene education etc.  Here, we also distribute prayer mats, walking sticks and the Holy Quran.

Besides, there are also interactive sessions for these people where they share their folk tales. There is also the provision of a trained Hafez that we have arranged for them who teaches Quran, Hadith and Masala to these elderly people. Keeping in mind the mental and physical health of these people, we ensure that the elderly engage in various activities in the Age-Friendly Space.